Kelley Meister

Kelley Meister

About Kelley

Kelley is a gifted communicator who enjoys demystifying the real estate market. Her practice blends equal measures of clear communication and an easygoing style. Clients talk about Kelley as putting them at their ease, making them “comfortable from the beginning to beyond.” Focused on building long-term relationships, she puts her clients’ needs at the center of all she does. In a successful real estate transaction, each participant needs direct access to each stage of the process – from scouting to viewing to managing offers – and Kelley works overtime to make sure they get it.

Thoughtful, supportive, and patient, Kelley is committed to helping her clients find the deal that’s right for them, even if it’s not right now. Add to this her mastery of the local market and her specialized, neighborhood-level understanding of the Seattle area, and you get an experience that frequently brings her clients to think of her as a long-term partner.

Her partners have repeatedly pointed out that she stays ahead of shifting market trends and constantly discovers new resources: for Kelley, it’s all in a day’s work. An enthusiastic networker, she actively enjoys introducing her clients to specialists just right for the property or the job, whatever it might be – none of which stops her from rolling up her sleeves and jumping in herself when something needs immediate attention.

Kelley lives in Central Seattle, in the micro-neighborhood of Jackson Place, with her husband, their German Shepard, Violet, and their cat, Mr. T. A lifelong foodie, she’s known for making her famous “Pittsburgh-style” wings on game day. She’s not giving away any trade secrets, but, as in real estate, it’s all in the sauce.

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We are invested in our relationship with you. Our work is motivated by genuine care for our clients, and we are especially proud of our referral rate—75% of our clients are sent to Meister Stewart Partners by their families, friends, or colleagues. In their words, we are: “a dream team,” “stellar,” “the best,” “amazing,” “second to none,” and “a joy to work with.” We’d love to have the opportunity to show you what this kind of service could mean for you.

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