Downtown Seattle

Downtown Seattle

It really is a tale of two cities—with one half comprised of Seattle’s architecturally-intriguing past...


Summer is tourist season, as the cruise ships fill the streets and the market overflows.
Nestled between hills to the north and east, and water to the west—Seattle is a city naturally inclined to grow upwards rather than out. It’s densely packed, with a history that truly began to boom after the Klondike Gold Rush turned the city into a gateway to discovering new fortunes.

It really is a tale of two cities—with one half comprised of Seattle’s architecturally-intriguing past, and the other half teaming with luxurious corporate builds. It’s the intersection of tradition and technology, melding together to make one of the most unique and endearing places in the whole country to call home.

What to Expect

Historic brick buildings, geometrically intriguing modern architecture, briney air and Mt. Rainier ever-present in the backdrop.
Seattle has always followed the beat of its own drum—from music to dining to fashion, it’s all uniquely individual. The new elbows with the old at every corner.

The Lifestyle

Refined business casual. Many experiences feel crafted and curated to offer that little something extra special.
Downtown is chock-full of interesting eateries in both new and old spaces. Dinner with a view is well worth the wait, and when the sun’s out it seems that all of Seattle is too. You'll find flagship retailers, eclectic boutiques, artisanal dining, and a city that’s as busy redefining itself as it is holding on to its storied past.

Unexpected Appeal

Cobblestones and carefully cast concrete.
As it grows, downtown remains grounded in its artisan roots; necessity and art often commingle as one. Commerce co-shares cohabitable spaces, as mixed-use buildings are fastly becoming the norm.

The Market

Water views command higher prices, but there are plenty of affordable options in the heart of it all.
Urban life is predominantly single renters with active lifestyles. From older spots in Pioneer Square to luxury apartments with rooftop terraces—downtown delivers on all fronts.

You'll Fall in Love With

Pike Place Market, watching the ferries come and go—and did we mention the coffee?
Get ready for a fresh take of life in the city. Let the charm of the old ways escort you into the conveniences of the new urban sensibilities. And take time to wander. Explore. Sip. Savor. After all, it is the northwest way.

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