A sleepy little community that lies off the beaten path of Seattle offers seductive views of both the city of the future...


Where to escape the city, without ever really leaving it at all.

The peninsula has just two access points by a bridge, and is home to Discovery Park; 534 acres of Pacific Northwest goodness offering 11.8 miles of groomed walking trails. Larger homes ring the western banks while new, amenity-rich condos and apartments are springing up along its eastern edge. Nestled in the center of it all beats the heart of the neighborhood.

A sleepy little community that lies off the beaten path of Seattle offers seductive views of both the city of the future and the waterway to the San Juans. The public pool, wandering Main St. and losing yourself in Discovery Park are the main draws here.

What to Expect

The secluded feel and lack of through traffic make living here feel like a daily vacation from the workday grind.
From watching the cruise ships come and go from Smith Cove to beachcombing for sea glass, to poking around the local shops—Magnolia beckons to be explored from all angles.

The Lifestyle

Main St. shopping, dining, and entertainment. A small-town aura wrapped in the shadow of the growing Seattle skyline.
McGraw St. and 34th Ave offer the only bustle you’ll find in Magnolia, with its locally owned storefronts, craft brew and vibrant farmers market. Drop by Fisherman’s Terminal to see the real-life fishing boats of the popular show Deadliest Catch, and snag some fresh seafood for dinner. It’s an open invitation to slow down and breathe deep.

Unexpected Appeal

Mid-level price points this close to downtown, next door to the largest park in the city.
Feel like you’re miles away without ever leaving the city limits—Magnolia truly has a pace and a style of its own.

The Market

Accessible in-town living. Mostly high-income singles and couples.
From true unobstructed 19th century views to more modern interpretations, Magnolia offers a wide variety of styles and prices.

You'll Fall in Love With

No-wait-times, proprietor-run shops, and the reclusive nature of the place.
From strolling the main drag to roaming the shore at the West Point Lighthouse, Magnolia offers plenty of places to unwind a bit and breathe. Every little shop, restaurant, coffee house, and trail have something in common around here— what’s in front of you is plenty.

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