West Seattle

West Seattle

The founding site of Seattle before it moved across Elliott Bay, is also home to the city's most popular beach...


Everyone knows, the further west you go, the mellower it gets.
The best parts almost feel like a small surf town, while the rest is simply casually cool and fashionably funky. Alki Beach runs along the north coast, with a superb bike and running path, volleyball nets, and fire pits—the perfect place to catch the setting sun and Seattle’s skyline.

The founding site of Seattle before it moved across Elliott Bay, is also home to the city's most popular beach, as well as a third of its green space and urban forest. It’s mostly laid-back residential done west coast right.

What to Expect

Magnificent views of the Olympic Mountains to the west and a slew of younger couples starting families.

Lincoln Park is one of two large saltwater beach parks that wrap around the peninsula and is home to the city’s only heated outdoor Olympic-size saltwater pool. The dock at Fauntleroy offers service to Vashon and the Kitsap Peninsula. Many working downtown take the 12-minute water ferry ride to work and back.

The Lifestyle

Time doesn’t exactly stand still here, but it slows down considerably. Catch your breath, clear your mind.

The Junction along California Ave is at the heart of commerce up here—take your pick from a passel of casual places to eat, indie coffee houses, and one-of-a-kind shops. At night, there’s no shortage of local joints to perch on a barstool, grab a bite to eat, and chat with like-minded explorers.

Unexpected Appeal

Surrounded by water yet so close to town. And those views!
The public golf course is among the best in the city, tide pools offer a view of the Pacific few ever get to see, and the smaller dives are mainly what inspires residents to call this neck of the woods home.

The Market

Moderate price points with a healthy mix of new condos and townhomes mixed among single-family homes.
West Seattle is growing—but you can still get a yard, sidewalks out front, tree-lined streets, and an easy commute into the city.

You'll Fall in Love With

Beachcombing, forgetting your watch and taking the day as it comes.
Hunker down at home with a good book or head out to see what the tide’s brought in—the salt air will stir your sense of adventure, whether it be a ferry ride away or simply strolling along the shore. To the north, Vashon Island; another adventure in itself.

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